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30 Day At-Home Workout Challenge

Level 1 Here are my Level 1 30 Day At-Home Workout Challenge workouts! You can change the order of the days to suit your schedule. Good luck! Note: 1 mile of running you can replace with 15-20 minutes of cardio. Week 1 1 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 air squats (5 rounds) 2 Run 1/2 mile, 25 (or 50 […]

Double Unders in Crossfit

Most CrossFitters out there may disagree with the statement that double unders are as easy as air squats. But think about it for a minute. Double unders do not require a tremendous amount of strength. One only needs to hold 4 ounce handles in their hands and rotate a 3 ounce jump rope around their […]

Jason Statham Workout

Day 1 Progression to one-rep max The objective of this workout is to build pure strength in one of the most effective total body lifts, the deadlift. To accomplish this, we have Jason work his way up to his one-rep max (1RM) – the heaviest weight he can lift once. Before he begins, though, he completes […]

10 Exercises to Eliminate Knee Pain for Good

Your knees are amazing. Think about all they do for you in a day. Movements at the knee joint are essential to everyday activities including walking, running, sitting, and standing, not to mention squatting, lunging, jumping, and stepping. The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the human body. Simply put, […]

10 CrossFit Workouts without Equipment

Whenever Matt and I travel (we were just in Europe for 5 weeks this summer) we always try to come up with creative workouts for us to do if there isn’t a CrossFit gym near us. Last summer we were at my cousin’s farm in Minnesota and we did the workout “Chelsea” (similar to Cindy) […]

8 Exercises to Build Strength for a Handstand

If you’ve been playing around with how to do Headstands and Forearm Stands, Handstands are another fun inversion to try. If you have your heart set on getting upside down, here are eight moves to practice. They’ll help you build strength and stability, so you’ll be standing on your hands in no time! Push-Ups It […]

Morning Workout at Home

Warm up with the mobility and dynamic flexibility moves. Then perform the 1-minute drill. Rest 15 to 30 seconds, then do the strength circuit. Rest 1 minute. Repeat the drill and strength circuit sequence three to five times. After the first round, try to work at an effort of 7 or 8 (on a scale […]

10 Butt Exercisess You Can Do In Front of the TV

If you dream of having a perfect bum but you never seem to have the time to work out, the following list of exercises that you can perform while watching your favorite TV program should be perfect for you. Kickbacks Get on your hands and knees in front of the TV, with your knees bent […]

16 Shoulder Exercises

alivating over a pair of defined, striated, cannonball shoulders? Stay hungry. We’ve got an arsenal of powerful tools to destroy your delts and carve out stunning definition — a whopping 16 exercises deep.

Omar El Sheikh Workout

Omar El Sheikh talks about his passion for muscle building, shares a detailed workout plan, and discusses the mistakes he’s made along the way.