5 Move Full-Body Workout

If you’re the type spending hours at the gym—chest fly, back row, biceps curl, repeat—it’s time to reconsider your routine. Find out how to get leaner and work out less (all without a trainer).

It sounds like a bad infomercial: Get ripped in less time! We’re conditioned to believe that jaw-dropping, body-transforming results are achieved only by putting in the hours. But if you’ve been adhering to the muscle-isolating back-and-bi, chest-and-tri gospel, the truth is, you’re doing it wrong. Read more »

Stair Workout at Home

You’re heard “take the stairs, not the elevator,” a thousand times. But what if instead of it just being a healthier way to get around, the stairs became your new favorite toning tool? This workout is going to take you up and down a set of stairs—in your home, or wherever you want—while adding sculpting moves in between. Since moving up a flight of stairs forces you to work harder against gravity, you’ll build strength and power in your lower body while your heart rate soars. The mini cardio intervals will help you burn calories at a higher rate for longer after you finish, and the quick toning moves will fire up up your arms, back, butt, and thighs. At the end, you’ll be sweaty, stronger, and thanking the stairs for a free but fierce workout! Read more »

25 Surprising Muscle-Building Foods

Building muscle is a balance between strategic strength training and an eating plan that includes proper protein and healthy carbohydrates while limiting refined sugars, processed food, and artificial ingredients. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the same salmon and kale for lunch and a dry chicken breast for dinner.

Here is a compilation of 25 muscle-building foods that can add variety to your diet and help you sculpt those muscles into flex-worthy shape. Read more »

Top 10 Abs Training Mistakes

The rise of the core has led to a profusion of misinformation and confusion. Eliminate the training flubs that keep your abs in the shadows! “The first rule to get abs is: you do not do sit-ups. The second rule to get abs is: you DO NOT do sit-ups.” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

OK, Tyler didn’t really say that. But as women everywhere reminded their dates in the post-movie recap, he did have some serious abs. Or maybe it was the guy who played him—you know, ol’ what’s-his-obliques. But whomever they belonged to, they were the kind of muscles that weren’t just made in the kitchen. They were carved by hard training, and revealed by smart diet choices. Read more »

Fat-Torching Tricks to Lose Fat Faster

Weight loss doesn’t need to be challenging. Here we rounded up how to lose body fat fast with fat torching techniques that really works. Make use of these easy techniques to cut fat and get toned without having to spend hours and hours at the gym!
Investing countless hours training clients and speaking with people in the fitness business has shown me that lots of people over-confuse their nutrition and workout plans. They set themselves up to fail when they adopt the concept that nutrition and training ought to eclipse all of their lives, or originate from a plan complicated enough and requires a professional science degree to understand. Read more »

The 4-Stretch Test to Tell if You’re in Danger

These four stretches are exactly what Walter Norton, Jr., director of training at the Institute of Performance & Fitness in North Reading, MA, uses to gauge every new client’s flexibility—whether they’re a pro athlete, a celebrity or an average person looking to improve their fitness. Find out what your performance says about the state of your body. Read more »

How to Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

In my opinion, body fat percentage is the best, most accurate way for guys to measure their progress on a strength training plan. By now you guys probably know that I’m all about setting goals, and more importantly, having concrete ways to measure those goals. After all, having a goal is a prerequisite to actually getting somewhere…otherwise you’re just going through the motions and getting nowhere.

One of the biggest problems guys face when they’re trying to start or stick to a fitness plan is that their goals are too big, or are just not clearly defined. If “I want to be as ripped as Tom Hardy” is your goal, that’s great, but how do you measure that? Read more »

Omar El Sheikh Workout

Omar El Sheikh talks about his passion for muscle building, shares a detailed workout plan, and discusses the mistakes he’s made along the way.

What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with bodybuilding, and what do you love most and least about it?

When I was in high school I had a subscription to a fitness magazine. I remember looking through the magazine and knowing from a young age that I wanted to start working out and one day look like those athletes, so I decided to join a gym and I have been hooked ever since. Read more »

How to Build Big Legs

To get the best results from your leg training, you need to work them just like you work your upper body: from various angles and positions. I like to compare leg workouts to chest workouts. It is common practice to work the chest on an incline, on a decline, or on a flat bench. We use all of these positions to train our chest from various angles because we know it brings great results. But for some reason, we don’t do the same thing for our legs. This might be why you see so many dudes with giant chests and little toothpick legs.

Many physique athletes have become so indoctrinated by popularized programming that they have forgotten how complex the legs actually are. Your quadriceps and hamstrings are complex. Your legs are built from an extraordinary amount of muscle that passes through multiple joints and performs an incredible amount of movement. Read more »

6 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better

Ease your way into a more restful night sleep with restorative yoga poses and deep, mindful breathing. Where Zen meets REM, here are six easy yoga poses to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which helps to counteract stress and promote relaxation.

These postures can work for anyone, including yogis and non-yogis alike. The best part: all you need is a pillow and you can do this sequence right in comfort and ease of your own bed!

Before you begin, take 10 rounds of deep inhalations and exhalations. Read more »